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    Warface Wow - A New Era Is Alive (Development Thread)



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    Warface Wow - A New Era Is Alive (Development Thread)

    Post  Paralyze on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:39 am

    Yes yes yes, we are developing the server as fast as we can, and this is our temporary forum far. And yes, we didnt add so much stuffs yet. But stay tuned, and wait for more update news. We will come with more info. Check Below what we have done.

    • Orgrimmar Mall Fixed

    • Stormwind Mall Fixed

    • More NPCs / Vendors being scripted. 10% Done

    • ICC 11/12 Works, LK Fully working! , Ruby Sanctum Works to 100% !

    • All BattleGrounds are working!
    • The Looking For Group system is Available!

    • All Raids and Dungeons are Scripted.

    Hope you enjoyed this. See you around.

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