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    Bugs and Things that seriously need fixing



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    Bugs and Things that seriously need fixing

    Post  BwanaDick on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:08 pm

    If some one runs off while you throw them ammo, they don't get it and still show that they need ammo.

    I you want to buy $6 worth of coins, you have to buy $2 three times. Why isn't there a button for 2, 3 or 4 orders of $2.
    This is annoying.

    War Box
    When you use dollars you 'earn' in the game, it takes forever to get anything you want, like a new weapon. I won't waste
    'money' on this anymore.

    Ridiculous Hip Fire
    Why don't the devs take the permanant site you can have realistic hip fire? BattleField doesn't have that.
    You are guaranteed that at least half of your shoots up close will miss. That is not realistic.

    The Total Lack of AntiCheat
    CO-OP is totally hacked. Tower Raids are now degraded by the vast number of hackers playing.
    I see players in Person vs Person who are hacking. You can't kill them or they are using Aimbot.
    The lack of anticheat software ruined COD Modern War 2. It was infested with hackers.

    Crown Points
    This is the most near useless thing I've seen in any game. You can work months just to rent a gun for a week!!!
    I don't pay attention to these. Maybe after 6 months some one could actually own a weapon they've wanted.
    It's galling to spend so much time just to RENT a gun. I want to keep it.

    Shield Bots
    In CO-OP, with Skilled or Hard Core, there is not defense against these. If your team mate doesn't rescue you,
    hang it up, you're dead.

    Mechs, Heavy Gunners and Helo
    After playing each of these once of twice, they all become massively boring.
    If you are unfortunate to get with a bunch of noobs, then they all die and waste your time.
    This game can produce Bad Ass human bots that are a real challenge. Why not have more of them
    and retire mechs and the rest of the boring group.
    Or have humans get little mechs to battle the big mech.
    Mechs and Heavy Gunners stretch the possible way to much. They have endless ammo; mechs can fire nonstop rockets.
    They belong in Nightmare mode. They bore me so much.

    Tiny TDM maps
    Some of the maps are way to small; they get boring soon since you know them way to well.
    Many maps need to be larger. You can't have 35 people in those maps.

    If this game will make some serious changes, it could compete with the COD or Battlefield series.
    Unfortunately, it's not in their category. I would like to see it be. I've played over 130 hours in this game.
    I wish it was better, I'd pay money to have the kind of game I want.

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